Joanne Seltzer

Adirondack Lake Poems

“Joanne Seltzer’s poems draw on the buried history and watery uncertainty of the Adirondack Lakes... a journey through wistful landscapes of the soul.”
--Michigan Alumnus

“ ...small surprises, often ironic, occur at the end of almost every poem, giving a haiku-like feeling.”

“Joanne Seltzer’s new chapbook, Adirondack Lake Poems, constitutes a complex journey through history, geography and modern feminine consciousness. Seltzer interweaves the past with the present, nature with civilization and self with other to paint, in both comic and tragic tones, the interrelatedness of all things.”

Selected Works

A selection of sixty poems on a variety of themes, published by Plain View Press.
Eighteen poems written at scenic alpine lakes, with black and white photographs by Alan Cederstrom.
Twenty-seven poems of the difficult transition from housewife to feminist poet, suburban angst transformed into art.
Twenty-four poems, from the Prohibition era to midcentury, set in old Detroit’s colorful Jewish ghetto.

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