Joanne Seltzer


Women Born During Tornadoes
Alan Catlin, author of "Drunk and Disorderly" (Selected Poems), Pavement Saw Press), has written:
"'Women Born During Tornadoes' is a book about essential relationships, of exploring the deepest emotional bonds which are often filled with tumult and torment. Seltzer's voice is a deep and assured one deftly handling the complexity of our inner lives. Whether she is writing if the diverse nature of women's roles, of the artistic relationship with nature or of the man/women dynamic, as she so forcefully does in the 'anti-marriage/marriage' poems, her poems touch us with their vitality."

Adirondack Lake Poems
Written during annual family vacations to the northernmost mountains of New York State, these poems portray all Adirondack lakes as much the same, yet each has its characteristic aura that illuminates the poet’s path. “Alone with my man in a frigid region / I want to make peace with the sun.”

Suburban Landscape
Poems of discontent and creative growth are set in a semi-imaginary space between shrinking city and vanishing farms. In this district of oversize doll houses, “burnt-out stars hide secret etchings.”

Inside Invisible Walls
With one of Detroit’s rich ethnic neighborhoods as backdrop, memories from childhood become urban lore that features immigrants and their old-country ways, Prohibition, the Jewish hoodlums known as the Purple Gang, the Great Depression, overt anti-Semitism, a prototypal race riot, and the industrial city that “matured into Motown.”

Selected Works

A selection of sixty poems on a variety of themes, published by Plain View Press.
Eighteen poems written at scenic alpine lakes, with black and white photographs by Alan Cederstrom.
Twenty-seven poems of the difficult transition from housewife to feminist poet, suburban angst transformed into art.
Twenty-four poems, from the Prohibition era to midcentury, set in old Detroit’s colorful Jewish ghetto.

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